Already passed nearly 3 months didn't work, keep staying at home all this time. Well, until the end, I still need to find a job, can't get more money from my credit card anymore, so, these days I upgrade something, like my screen, keyboard, maybe gonna include my MacBook Pro, also one more table close my bed and... I'm not sure about how many stuffs I bought, just know I got a lot of stuff already and spent a lot of money.

Whatever, looks like I already have nothing could buy anymore, so finally, I could be pushing to find a job of getting money. If I keep lazying at home, I could never start a new trip next year. So, I gonna refresh my info at two main platforms of job finding tomorrow, and no more hiding for the job interview, even I still have such fear of job interview.

Hahaha, ok, a long time didn't update my things, hope don't need more time, I'll back to update my news about my job.
Ok, ending this blog article. Good night.